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About Us

Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care (TUMH)

The Health and Medical Faculty of the University has three departments: Physiotherapy Department, Judo Therapy Department and Acupuncture Moxibustion Department. The students learn Western and traditional medicine as well.

The school fosters human resources with a rich sense of humanity. Backed by National Judo Therapy and Acupuncture Cooperative, the University has been researching Western medicine through the long history of traditional medicine and the scientific basis. We are focusing on advancing the cultivation of human resources in medical and healthcare fields.

Tokyo Campus, BEKKA-Japanese Language Program for International Students

This program for international students supports them in many ways to contribute to the global society: learning Japanese language, knowing Japanese culture and knowledge, and going on to TUMH, its group schools or other medical welfare academies.

Students are expected to learn Japanese language for going on to different-field universities, postgraduate courses and career colleges. The future vision of every student is the starting point for our consultations and career guidance.

In addition, in order to help students better understand international different cultures and cultivate their wider international perception and comprehensive communication skills, our school will organize various extracurricular activities.



Special Studying method-
main in training communication skills

    • With the idea of “Language is a tool for communicating with others.” Use the practical Japanese language knowledge you been taught by TUMH actively communicate with the Japanese locals.
    • TUHM BEKKA – Japanese Language Program for International students,Tokyo campus not only teach the language knowledge,but also provide opportunity that you can interact with Japanese people.

Starts from the basics

  • Even though our teaching method mains in communication skills. the basics of language knowledge are also important. Our teachers will help you learn the Japanese pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary necessary for going on to higher education and finding employment in a logical and easy-to-understand manner.

  • There is no need to worry even if you are enrolled in our progarm with a low Japanese level. With the careful guidance and full support of our school’s faculty, we believe that you will be glorious on your way to get higher education or get employment in Japan.

Professional Japanese for Interview

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  • In order to train our students to have more advantage in “applying for a higher education” or “getting employment” activities, in addition to cultivating students’ communication skills, we also provides special guidance for interviews.
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  • By collaborating with different organization which provides job-hunting support for foreign nationals, you can conduct more realistic interview practice and receive feedback based on advanced analysis.

Future path

Getting employment successfully in Japan

TUMH Tokyo Campus – BEKKA will collaborate with Japanese companies, which provides job-hunting support for foreign nationals, to lead students to employment.

We support your dreams by holding briefings and counseling immediately after entering the university, such as the situation of Japanese companies, the employment situation in Japan, and the unique job hunting in Japan, and making a to-do with students for employment.

Continue higher education.
After graduating from the other school of our school, you have the opportunity to go to the sister school of Heisei Medical Academy in Japan.For students who wish to study in other schools, we will also provide guidance for further studies.

After graduation from the university or academy, you can also get employment support.


  • Sapporo-Aoba Acupuncture and Judo Therapy Academy
    • Hokkaido Nursing Academy
      • Hokkaido Dental Hygienist Academy

        • Central

        • Nagoya-Heisei College of Nursing and Medical Technologies

        • Kanto/Tohoku

        • Tokyo Campus, Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care (TUMH)
          • Nihon sogo College of Medical Technologies
            • Fukushima Medical and Health care Academy
              • Yokohama College Medical Technologies

              • Kansai

              • Takarazuka Campus, Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care (TUMH)
                • Osaka Toyosaki Campus, Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care (TUMH)
                  • Wakayama Campus, Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care (TUMH)
                    • Naniwa Dental Hygienist Academy
                      • Heisei Iryo Medical College
                        • Location

                          TUMH Tokyo Campus – Bekka is located in Nippori, Tokyo, the center of Japan.

                          Nippori is located in Tokyo, the world’s leading city, but it is a town that left the image of good old Tokyo called downtown. There are a lot of restaurants and a lot of part-time jobs, too.

                          It is also easy to get to the famous downtown area of Tokyo. It adds color not only to your studies, but also to your life in Japan.

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